Sn(OOCC7H15)2  SnC2O4 (C4H9)2Sn  (OOCC11H23)2  (C4H9)2Sn (OOCCH3)2  (C4H9)2Sn (OOCCH)2  (C4H9)2SnO  (C4H9)Sn(OH)2Cl  (C4H9)SnOOH  Bi (CH3SO3)3 KOOCC7H15  Cu (OOCR)2  CH4SO3H  CH14H18O4  Sodium Methanesul phonate Solution  Potassium Methanesulphonate  Solution Stannous Pyrophosphate  Copper(11) Pyrophosphate Stannous chloride  CuSo4 NiSo4 Nisulfamate
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TIN chemicals >>> PVC stabilizers

As one of the leading manufacturer of PVC stabilizer, we supply organic tin PVC stabilizers used in toys membrane, wood film, Leatherette, Hyaline membrane and other PVC pressure products....
It has good synergic effects with organic tin and calcium-zinc complex stabilizing agent, applicable to food packing products....


Trade name formula chemical name APPLICATION
TMG 234 (C4H9)2Sn(OOCCH)2 Dibutyltin maleate Solid PVC stabilizer
TMG 320 (C4H9)2Sn(OOCCH)2 Dibutyltin(bisoctylmaleinate) Liquid PVC stabilizer
TMG 316 (C8H17)2Sn(OOCH)2 Dioctyltin maleate Non-toxic PVC stabilizer
TMG 216 (C8H17)2Sn(OOCC11H23)2 Dioctyltin dilaurate(DOTL) Low-toxic PVC stabilizer
TMG 218 ((C4H9)2Sn(OOCC11H23)2 Dibutyltin dilaurate(DBTL) General PVC stabilizer
TMG 623 Zn C10H14O4xH2O Zinc acetylacetonate Non-toxic PVC stabilizer