Sn(OOCC7H15)2  SnC2O4 (C4H9)2Sn  (OOCC11H23)2  (C4H9)2Sn (OOCCH3)2  (C4H9)2Sn (OOCCH)2  (C4H9)2SnO  (C4H9)Sn(OH)2Cl  (C4H9)SnOOH  Bi (CH3SO3)3 KOOCC7H15  Cu (OOCR)2  CH4SO3H  CH14H18O4  Sodium Methanesul phonate Solution  Potassium Methanesulphonate  Solution Stannous Pyrophosphate  Copper(11) Pyrophosphate Stannous chloride  CuSo4 NiSo4 Nisulfamate
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TMG (tin marketing group) chemicals is a privately own company originates from the multinational investments As manufacturing and marketing specialized, innovative tin Chemical products And other chemicals for the application in plating , resin , pu , PVC ,paint and coating etc. We focus upon customer orientation and satisfaction of customers' needs through our good management , processes and services ,creating and offering the most value to our customer

Tin products:We supply wide range of organic and inorganic tin chemicals for the application of resin , polyurethane , PVC and coating industries.

Products for metal plating:We provide our customers the main electrical plating salts which used in tin plating、nickel plating and copper plating.

Products for coating:Offering our customers with most effective of catalysts and drying agent , we also supply coating additives including dispersing agent,wetting agent and leveling agent.

Polymer:The additives for Polyurethane application , antistatic agent for various plastic , TPE {thermoplastic elastomer}pellet for various application.